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E-Programs: Transforming the Special Needs Community

These “Exceptional Programs” are more than exceptional! They really do change the lives of so many families whom they serve. With more than one-fifth of U.S. households having at least one child with special needs according to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. This is such a major need in our society, yet […]

The Beginnings of E-Karate

In December 2000, Brendan Murray and I decided to start a karate class that focused on creating an inclusive Karate program for children with and without special needs. The name, “Exceptional Kids” Karate was born and began with 3 students. It was a new experience for both Brendan and me, and we came from different […]

My Volunteer Story

I was ten-years-old and the type of person who always wanted to “test the waters” before I started something new. Volunteering at E-Karate for the first time felt like a big decision beforehand, but it ended up being a decision that I’ve never regretted since. My mom had friends who had kids in the E-Karate […]

Jessica’s Story of Hope

Inclusion, Relationships, & Transformation Jessica was diagnosed with autism thirteen years ago. The doctors told her parents that their daughter would never be able to make friends, drive a car, or ride the bus–these typical tasks would be out of the picture because of her special needs. Her parents were devastated. They tried to putting […]