Jessica’s Story of Hope

Inclusion, Relationships, & Transformation

Jessica was diagnosed with autism thirteen years ago. The doctors told her parents that their daughter would never be able to make friends, drive a car, or ride the bus–these typical tasks would be out of the picture because of her special needs.

Her parents were devastated. They tried to putting Jessica into a special day class in a public school,  but the program didn’t work well for out well at all. At that point, one of their relatives recommended that they try applying to the Hope Technology School (HTS), an inclusive school for children with and without special needs supported in large part by the Bay Area Christian Church. And six months later, Jessica’s family was invited to attend E-Soccer, a sister program of E-Karate. The friendships she developed at the inclusive HTS and E-Soccer programs were more than her parents could ever hope for.

Jessica’s confidence grew, her development skyrocketed, and she grew in amazing ways both socially and athletically.

Now, thirteen years after her challenging diagnosis, Jessica is sixteen years old and has had her autism diagnosis completely removed. She is getting A’s in high school and is now a coach at E-Soccer. Inclusion is powerful. Relationships are magical. Keep believing and don’t give ever give up!

Hope For The Typical Child

If you are a parent of a typical child, don’t think that Jessica’s Story only applies to children with special needs! Typical kids benefit just as much… if not more!

Social Skills & Inclusion. Something amazing happens when a child realizes that every one of their peers is different, but still has something special about them. Kids who participate in E-Soccer develop empathy and compassion, 10 out 10 times.

Leadership: Most kids grow up seeing their friends as competition, all the time. E-Karate is special because it teaches kids how to see a friend with special needs, and help them become greater by encouraging them, lending a hand, and sharing in their victories.

Character Development: Serving, sacrifice, and genuine care for others and your community are qualities that cannot be taught… but they can be learned through first-hand experience!

Athletic Development & Fitness. Every child, no matter what, can benefit from physical fitness by participating in our E-Karate and affiliate E-Fitness programs!